EastEnder Danny Dyer – I’ve filled a void in my life

EastEnders star Danny Dyer says discovering he’s related to royalty has filled a void in his life.
The actor, who plays Mick Carter in the soap, took part in BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are in which he discovered he’s part of the British royal bloodline.
Danny says discovering his roots has helped him come to terms with the person he has become.
Speaking after the show won a BAFTA tonight, he said: “I found there was a little bit of a void in my life somewhere, I never quite understood why I was an actor or famous.
“It never sat with me, no one in my family has never done it or the generations that I know of, so to understand that I’ve got a bloodline that’s extremely famous, for whatever reason, that did fill a hole. It’s still really hard to get my head around, I guess I just understood myself a little more.”

He added: “My wife loved it, she was screaming at the end of it. I did have to remind her she’s just marrying into it! They couldn’t believe it, they don’t let me get above my station.
“My dad is here tonight and he’s really excited because that’s his bloodline so he would be king before me, so he’s going round giving it the big’un. It comes from my nan, who has dementia, it’s her bloodline.
“Joyce, I love her dearly. It’s such a shame that she’s not quite with us enough to understand what her bloodline is. She’s a beautiful human being.”
Now he hopes to run into some of the royals to discuss their heritage.
Danny laughed: “They’re blanking me, I can’t wait to bump into one of them. It would be interesting. Who’d I like to meet? It’s got to be Harry.
“I like the idea of William, actually any of them or Andrew, one of that mob. I’d Iike a bit of dialogue with them, talk about football or something.”

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