EastEnder Danny Dyer says his soap rivals couldn’t “lace our boots”

Outspoken EastEnders star Danny Dyer has launched a new attack on his soap rivals Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

The actor, who plays Mick Carter in the soap, says his Walford colleagues were robbed at recent awards ceremonies when their rivals walked away with the top prizes.

Danny made the attack during an interview with Radio Times to promote his episode of Who Do You Think You Are?


Talking about joining EastEnders he told the magazine: “I couldn’t get work. I was on my arse, but the show was on its arse, so it was a perfect marriage.

“They said. ‘Danny, we want you to save EastEnders’. I won eight awards in my first year, I’d never won an award before in my life. So it really upset me when we didn’t win Best Soap at the 2016 Soap Awards.

“Good luck to Emmerdale, but we got robbed. It’s an ITV show and the Awards are on ITV, I get it, but I was fuming. I do dip into Emmerdale and Coronation Street, but they couldn’t lace our boots.”

He added: “I’m a brilliant actor. Before I came to EastEnders it was ‘Shout, shout, shout.’ But you learn from making films that any movement of the eyebrow says so much.

“I brought that to EastEnders. Out of every soap actor I’ve got the most experience. Adam Woodyatt has played one role.

“No disrespect to Adam, but that’s not an actor. He’s very, very efficient, but he’s auditioned once in his whole career. And acting’s about auditioning. And Steve McFadden, brilliant – but only ever played one role.”

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One response to “EastEnder Danny Dyer says his soap rivals couldn’t “lace our boots”

  1. What a bighead all.he is is danny dyer I love these actors who think they are gods gift get a real job . He’s only been in eastender a short while and already I’m bored with the whole family get rid get rid get rid SOON PLEASE
    I’ve watch eastender from the start so I consider myself a fan but sometimes a new family just don’t gell the CARTERS ARE ONE,.so Shut up Danny and just think yourself lucky you have lasted as long as you have

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