EastEnder Jake Wood – Christmas is the best I’ve seen it TEN years

EastEnders star Jake Wood has promised that this year’s festive episodes are the best he’s seen in the last ten years.

The Brannings are going to take centre stage this Christmas as Max Branning’s recent antics catch up with him leading to disastrous consequences.

And Jake says the Christmas day episode is the best it’s been since the infamous scenes of 2007 when Max and Stacey’s affair was revealed.

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Jake said: “We’ve got Simon Ashdown back! The beauty of Simon’s writing is what is often not said. He understands those characters inside out.

He created Max and he created the Brannings. That Max/Stacey relationship is very much Simon’s baby.

What he creates is these moments between characters where they’re just electric, but there’s not much being said.

“With those characters, I think that will always be there. It’s a delight to have Simon back, because he understands the characters so thoroughly. All of those moments are all there, but there’s not necessarily much that has to be said.

“Honestly, they’re beautifully written. The lead-up to Christmas is some of the most action-packed, week-on-week stuff I’ve seen. It’s action packed and they culminate with Simon’s episodes at Christmas and they’re amazing!

“In terms of what I’ve read, they’re the best I’ve read since 2007!”

Asked how he felt to be losing his screen daughters Jacqueline Jossa and Lorna Fitzgerald, he added: “They’re great and they’ll be fine. You forget how young they are. Lorna’s still 21 and has got a long career ahead of her, Jac the same.

“They’re incredibly talented and I look forward to seeing what they go onto.”

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