EastEnders to air special Mitchell episode

EastEnders fans are going to be treated to a special two-hand episode featuring just Phil and Jay Mitchell.

Monday night’s installment of the BBC’s flagship show will focus on the Mitchell clan and a shocking secret that comes to light.

Jay’s world crumbles around him as Phil reveals a secret about his past – he killed his father. As Phil attempts to offer an explanation, a livid Jay struggles to comprehend the revelation and as the anger builds, he soon comes to a furious head with Phil.

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With Jay questioning everything about his past, he soon realises the full extent of what Phil did and the consequences will be felt throughout the family.

Later in the week when Jay fails to turn up to work again, Phil does his best to track him down but has no luck. At home, Ben arrives to find a tense Jay who tells him his dad is a murderer.

Ben demands answers about what’s going on and as the full truth comes to light, Jay tells a stunned Ben that they’re no longer brothers, he’s not a Mitchell.

When Jay touches a nerve with Ben, a fight soon erupts between the two – is this the end of the Mitchell clan as we know it?

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