EastEnders fight! Furious Linda rages at Whitney

This is the moment when a furious Linda Carter violently shoves Whitney Dean against the wall after discovering what’s been going on while she’s been away.

The EastEnders favourite is stunned when husband Mick – played by Danny Dyer – reveals what happened between him and Whitney while she was away.

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As Linda struggles to comprehend the news, Whitney soon gets caught up in the furore. With Linda desperate to get her head around Mick’s revelation, Mick points out some home truths to Linda but can they salvage their relationship?

Next week things remain tense between Mick and Linda and in need for new staff, she decides to give Keanu a trial shift; much to Fi’s annoyance.

Fed up of Linda’s attitude, Fi makes the decision to talk to her and despite Linda’s stubbornness; she starts to open up to Fi.

Later, Linda continues to take back control and tells a frustrated Fi she’s offered Tracey her job back.

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