EastEnders first look at Lisa Faulkner on the Square

EastEnders fans will get to meet Fi Browning next week as Lisa Faulkner struts onto Albert Square.

Bosses are keeping their plans for Fi under wraps but what they have revealed is that as soon as she arrives next week she causes some serious grief for one Walford family in particular.

Speaking about joining EastEnders, Lisa said: “The producers phoned up and said asked if I go and meet them. And I met Sean O’Connor and Julia Crampsie the casting director and he just sold this character to me.

“He was very good at pitching this great character and show and I just came back thinking, ‘hmm, let’s just see what happens’.

“And then they phoned and asked if I’d do it and I thought, ‘why not? What’s the worst that could happen?'”

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