EastEnders spoiler – Ben Mitchell to kill Willmott-Brown?

EastEnder Ben Mitchell may take matters into his own hands when he discovers next week that Kathy Beale was raped by James Willmott-Brown.

The week kicks off with Ritchie confirming that Luke is Willmott-Brown’s son leading Phil to go to warn Ben but when he finds Luke there, he decides to speak to him another time.

Phil visits Kathy and drops the bombshell that Luke is Willmott-Brown’s son. Shocked, she begs him not to tell Ben that James raped her.

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He later arranges to meet Luke alone but his meeting backfired when Luke uses Phil’s warning to his advantage telling Ben that his dad told him to stay away.

Furious, Ben confronts his father but unable to tell Ben the truth, Phil keeps his silence leading to Ben storming off. However, not wanting Phil and Ben to fall out, Kathy tells Ben the truth – Luke’s dad raped her.

Reeling from the news, Ben storms out of the house but Phil and Kathy go after him before he can do anything and she explains why she never told him about her ordeal.

Kathy later confides in Ian who reassures her that Ben won’t want anything to do with Luke now that he knows.

Meanwhile, Ben mulls over Luke’s invitation to meet his father. Despite telling Luke he is not interested in meeting Willmott-Brown, he is unable to turn down an opportunity to face his mother’s rapist.

Ben eventually agrees but what does he have planned?

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