EastEnders spoiler – Billy and Tina have sex!

EastEnders bosses have lined up one of the most bizarre pairings ever as Billy Mitchell and Tina Carter end up having sex next week!

It all starts when a guilty Tina bumps into Billy in the Square and is shocked to hear Honey has kicked him out after his hurtful comments about her relationship with Janet.

Wanting to help, Tina invites him back to The Vic and with Billy in pieces and not thinking straight, he leans in for a passionate kiss which she reciprocates

The next day Billy and Tina reel from their night together but the guilt soon becomes too much for Tina who blurts the truth out to Billy – she knocked over Janet.

As Billy returns to the hospital and makes amends with Honey, Tina admits to Shirley that Billy knows everything and she insists she’s going to the police.

With Billy by her side, Tina later makes her way to the police station but they are stopped in their tracks when Shirley steps in warning the pair not to go to the police and she gives them an ultimatum – what will Tina do?

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