EastEnders spoiler – Can Mick Carter save the Vic?

It’s all kicking off in the Queen Vic next week as Mick Carter discovers the truth about what’s been going on while he’s been away.

The week starts with a guilty Shirley Carter continuing to hide the truth about the Vic from Mick but as the pressure grows she opens up to Whitney about the situation and admits she forged Mick’s signature.

As Shirley goes to tell Mick the truth, she realises she’s too late as she finds Mick talking to Fi in the bar and it’s clear the truth is out.

An annoyed Mick does his best to find a loophole in the new lease and after struggling to stay calm after talking to Linda, takes his anger out on Whitney.

After Max’s involvement emerges, Mick storms off to find him, while back in the Vic Whitney and Johnny share their concerns and come up with an idea, however when Whitney shares the plan with Mick it doesn’t go down well.

At the end of the week a desperate Mick meets with Fi – can he find a way out of the new contract?

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