EastEnders spoiler – Dennis is a devil!

Dennis Rickman should really be called Damien because his behaviour is devilish next week as he continues to make Michelle Fowler’s life hell.

The school boy has started blackmailing Michelle after catching her red-handed in a steamy clinch with 17-year-old Preston Cooper.

Next week he continues to make Michelle’s life hell leading her to share a plea with him to go easy on her so other people don’t get suspicious.

Later, Michelle is overjoyed when Preston returns but as he tries to give her a romantic day, she learns some disappointing news.

With the stress building for Michelle, an argument quickly ensues between her and Preston and he storms off; turning his attention to Bex instead.

By the end of the week Preston has come round to Michelle and organises a romantic evening with her during which he convinces her to leave Dennis home alone.

With Michelle struggling to cope with the pressure, will all go to plan? For more EastEnders news and spoilers click here now.

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