EastEnders spoiler – Jack Branning to do a runner with the kids?

EastEnder Jack Branning is going to plan to do a runner from Walford and take his kids with him.

Next week Dot Branning tries to fix the mess between Charlie Cotton and Jack and enlists Max’s help in getting them to sit down and discuss the matter.

When Jack eventually agrees, Max is put out when Dot insists it would be better if it was just her, Charlie and Jack.

After Charlie and Jack arrive at Dot’s things don’t quite go to plan forcing Jack to reach breaking point and decide to take drastic action when he plans to leave the country with the kids.

Breaking the news to his kids he’s going to tell them: “We’re leaving and we’re going somewhere far away, because if we don’t they are going to come and take Matthew from us and we don’t want that, do we?”

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