EastEnders spoiler – Jane Beale quits Walford

EastEnder Jane Beale is going to sensationally quit Walford next week after a run in with Max Branning.

Having woken up in hospital Jane is annoyed to hear what happened between Ian and Bobby but soon realises she has bigger concerns when Max arrives ahead of her meeting with the police.  

As Jane tries to get one up on Max, he gives her a threat she can’t ignore. With Jane having told the police what Steven did, she is left to break the news to a mortified Ian but keeps quiet about Max’s involvement.

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After the police leave, Jane pleads with Ian never to make her return to the Square, she wants a fresh start to which Ian eventually agrees.

Kathy is left upset as Ian breaks the news of his plans to leave Walford to be nearer to Bobby and sell the café to Weyland & Co. With Kathy unhappy, Ian tries to explain his decision and she eventually comes round to the idea.

Meanwhile, Max piles on the pressure with Jane but Jane refuses to give in to Max’s latest demands. As the two argue, Jane starts to question Max’s motives, pointing out this is not the man she knows, but she is given a last warning from him.

As an excited Ian arrives to take Jane home, he shares some heartfelt words about Jane and their new future together, promising to put her first but he is stunned when he tells him that it is over between them and she is leaving Walford on her own.

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