EastEnders spoiler – Kathy returns to support heartbroken Ian

EastEnder Kathy Beale returns to Albert Square next week and she’s got a lot of catching up to do as Kim Fox breaks the news about Steven’s death.

At the Beale’s, Kathy questions why Ian didn’t call to tell her the news himself but he’s too distracted with the news Steven’s body has been released and struggles to engage with her.

Later, Kathy turns to Ben when Ian continues to be dismissive towards her and is upset to realise it could go back to her faking her death.

After a pep talk from Carmel, a firm Kathy reminds Ben and Ian she’s their mother and promises to support them. Struggling to keep it together, Ian finally breaks down in his mother’s arms.

As Kathy and Sharon help Lauren with the final details and offer their support, Sharon points out an unexpected email – Ian is meant to be visiting Bobby today.

Later on, Kathy talks to Ian about the situation and encourages him to visit his son – will Ian go through with it?

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