EastEnders spoiler – Kathy showdown with Fi

EastEnders is lining up an explosive scene later this month which will see Fi Browning and Kathy Beale face off about James Willmott-Brown.

In the week beginning December 11 Fi and Willmott-Brown prepare for a press launch at the Community Centre but after telling Lauren he wants to stop the development from happening, Josh skips the event and asks for Lauren’s help in exposing his father.


As Josh attempts to steal files from his father’s computer, Lauren takes drastic action to delay Fi and Willmott-Brown from returning to the office and chains herself to the Community Centre doors in front of the Walford Gazette. But will their plan work?

Later, Josh tries to make Fi see who the real Willmott-Brown is. She then challenges Willmott-Brown but after an incident she is left needing helping from Kathy Beale.

Fi is resistant to Kathy’s help but deep down and desperate to know the truth about her dad she asks her about what happened between her and her father that night – but who does she believe?

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