EastEnders spoiler – Kush delivers a shock ultimatum to Carmel

EastEnder Kush Kazemi delivers a shock ultimatum to his mother after discovering she reported Stacey Fowler to social services.

Carmel Kazemi stepped in when she believed Arthur was being abused inside the Fowler house, leading to the children being taken away from Stacey and placed in her care.

Next week, as Stacey reels from what’s happened, a guilty Carmel allows her to spend time with Lily and Arthur.

Trying to put her guilt at ease, Carmel apologises to Stacey for everything that’s happened between them but fails to admit she was the one responsible for calling social services.

As Carmel takes the children home, Kush confronts her – he knows it was her – and for the time being he’s going to keep the news to himself.

The Fowlers and Kazemis head to the hospital for Arthur’s appointment with the doctor and social worker, with the doctor establishing that they are not alarmed by Arthur’s bruises, they give him the all clear, and a relieved Stacey is reunited with her children.

Back in the Square, Kush demands answers from Carmel who breaks down and admits exactly why she called the social services.

Meanwhile, Stacey gets the children settled back at home but is frustrated when the social worker checks in and reveals they will be conducting some further home visits.

Meanwhile, Kush gives Carmel an ultimatum – tell Stacey she was responsible for calling social services otherwise he will. What will Carmel decide to do?

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