EastEnders spoiler – Lauren to discover Abi’s secret?

Expect some serious tension in next week’s EastEnders as the locals gather together to say a final farewell to Steven Beale.

He died last week and as those closest to him come to terms with their loss, it leads to a few people confronting feelings they’ve really been hiding.

Take Lauren Branning, who is guilt ridden about her lack of love for Steven and struggling to hold it together, she turns to the bottle again.

In The Vic, a worried Whitney Dean tries to calm her down and pleads with her to be there for Louie and not risk her life by drinking again.

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The next day a hungover Lauren struggles making the final plans for Steven’s funeral leading to her sister Abi to step in and offer to help.

With Abi less than impressed by Lauren’s choices, she snaps and shares some harsh words; questioning if Lauren even knew Steven.

As the day of Steven’s funeral arrives everyone prepares to leave when the family liaison officer arrives and a suspicious Lauren realises there’s something they’re not being told.

With Lauren putting the pressure on, the officer reveals a shocking revelation – Steven didn’t have a tumour.

When further truths come to light, Abi panics her involvement is about to be exposed…

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