EastEnders spoiler – Linda Carter fears her cancer is back

Queen Vic landlady Linda Carter is forced to come clean about her cancer heartbreak next week when she fears the disease is back.

Linda kept her health troubles a secret from husband Mick while she was away from Albert Square but next week Woody notices she’s in pain.

As Woody encourages Linda to tell Mick, she explains she doesn’t want to ruin things between them again and soon admits she has the same symptoms she had before she was diagnosed with cancer.

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He’s concerned when she tells him there’s a five week wait for an appointment at the hospital, and with her behaviour erratic a worried Mick soon realises she’s unwell and she finally admits the truth – she had cancer and is scared it’s returned, leaving him stunned.

Mick struggles to process Linda’s bombshell but realises he needs to get her to the doctor, but when the couple return, he clocks on that Woody knew all along – leading to a huge fallout between the pair.

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