EastEnders spoiler – Max to kill Ian this Christmas?

EastEnder Max Branning is going to go on the warpath this Christmas and it looks like Ian Beale might not make it through the holiday in one piece.

After discovering he’s been double crossed by Willmott-Brown and Fi, Max struggles to hold it together leaving his family concerned about his behaviour.

With the entire Square against him, Max’s family do their best to get through to him but with emotions high and Max not wanting to be helped, the situation soon becomes heated.

As Christmas draws closer Max is seen lurking in the Square and questions Bernadette for more information on what Phil and Aidan are involved with leaving her shaken.

Outside, he approaches Ian for a chat but Ian is left unnerved by Max’s strange manner. Ian gets a shock when he returns home to find Max sat menacingly waiting for him.

The situation escalates and an erratic Max tells Ian he’s going to get the ultimate revenge and kill him … how far is Max willing to go?

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