EastEnders spoiler – Max proves how treacherous he is

EastEnder Max Branning is going to show even more of his true colours in upcoming scenes later this month.

He wreaks havoc whilst staying at Jack’s until his brother makes him pull himself together when he hears that Oscar is visiting for his birthday.  

He heads out to organise a cake but gets the cold shoulder from Abi. After pleading for forgiveness, Abi agrees to help.


Meanwhile, Denise hears that Oscar is visiting and takes matters into her own hands. As Max and Abi await for Oscar’s arrival their excitement is shortlived thanks to an unexpected announcement.

Later, Jack continues to encourage Max to move on from his troubles and face Walford. Jack realises the battle is harder than he thought as Mick, Linda, Denise and other residents call out Max for his wrongdoings.

Jack is later blown away when he returns home to find out just how treacherous Max has been.

Things grow worse for Max as past actions catch up with him leaving him on dangerous grounds – will he survive Christmas?

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