EastEnders spoiler – Mick to join the criminal underworld?

Desperate EastEnder Mick Carter is going to put his future on the line late this month.

It all starts with Linda and Mick heading off to an interview to run a pub and after an awkward start, they are delighted when they get offered the job.

However, when they learn the job is not where they thought, the couple are left torn on what to do. Realising they couldn’t take the whole family, they are devastated but Shirley reminds Mick he needs to do it for the sake of Linda and Ollie.

As Mick contemplates accepting the job, Aidan arrives at the pub and continues to tempt Mick into getting rid of his money worries.

Mick announces to his family that they are staying in London claiming his friend has offered him a job at a pub – but does he know what he’s got himself into with Aidan?

Later, as Bernadette Taylor convinces Vincent Hubbard to give her a job collecting glasses at The Albert, Aidan continues with his mission to recruit people for their big job but gets a stern telling off from Phil when he catches him sizing up Ben.  

When Aidan gathers together Phil, Vincent and Mick together at The Albert they are unhappy to see Keanu has also been drafted in.

As the group talk, they are left unnerved when they realise Bernadette had been listening. Bernadette assures Vincent she didn’t hear anything but is she telling the truth?

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