EastEnders spoiler – Phil Mitchell’s bombshell news

EastEnder Phil Mitchell is going to drop a bombshell on his family next week that could change the iconic clan forever.

The week begins with Phil taken back to receive an unexpected offer on the car lot land but when he learns the amount they’re willing to pay, he tells Sharon there must be more to it.

Back home, Phil tells Sharon he’s decided not to sell it and instead; he wants to do right by his family and make sure they have everything they need in the future.

With Sharon by his side, Phil pays a visit to Ben and tells him he’s giving Ben the Arches, but Sharon is shocked when he leaves the car lot land to Jay.


Ben’s happiness about being given The Arches is knocked when he learns the car lot is worth more; making him wonder if Phil values Jay more than him.

After Ben opens up to his mum about the situation, a livid Kathy storms round to the Mitchell and confronts Phil.

With Jay paranoid that Sharon is annoyed, he tells her he values her more than the car lot and offers to refuse to accept it. But seeing his sincerity, she embraces Jay and gives her blessing for him to have the land.

After Ben spots the encounter, his paranoia grows and he returns home where further truths come to light and he questions if Phil ever wanted him in his life. With Phil refusing to explain why Jay has the car lot, Ben tells Phil he can keep The Arches.

Later, Jay is taken back to learn what’s going on with Ben and wanting to help him clear the air with Phil, he invites him and Sharon over for dinner.

When Phil fails to show, Ben tests Jay’s limits and lets slip about how much the car lot is really worth; leaving Jay to realise the extent behind Ben’s upset.

The Mitchells grow concerned about what’s going on with an on-edge Phil when he refuses to open up about the reasoning behind his recent decisions – what is he hiding?

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