EastEnders spoiler – Sonia’s shock over Bex and Gethin

EastEnder Sonia Fowler is in for a nasty shock next week when the truth about her boyfriend and her daughter is revealed.

Sonia and Gethin Pryce enjoy a romantic dinner until she gets called into work, as Gethin waits alone Bex seizes the opportunity to talk to him.

Realising what she is up to, he makes it clear that he really likes Sonia and is not interested in her and never has been, but when she threatens to tell her mum what happened, he calls her bluff and tells her himself, but his revelation does not go well as it all kicks off on Albert Square.

Meanwhile, knowing something is troubling Bex, Louise Mitchell demands to hear what is wrong and what happened with Gethin.

Bex tells all and Louise is surprised to hear the extent of her friend’s feelings for him. Determined to distract her from what’s going on Louise plays matchmaker when she realises Shakil still has feeling for Bex – but will it work?

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