EastEnders spoiler – Stacey gives birth to a girl

There’s plenty of drama in Walford next week as Martin Fowler’s world is turned upside down as wife Stacey is taken to hospital following complications with her pregnancy.  

After Stacey is rushed in for an emergency C-section, Martin is overwhelmed to learn he has a daughter but Stacey remains in critical condition. As he reels, the doctor soon returns to say there are complications with his baby daughter too.

Michelle does her best to support Martin as Stacey pushes him away and refuses to see their baby. After unburdening her feelings on Michelle, Stacey talks to Martin and when alone, she makes the decision to see her daughter in the NICU.

Stacey and Martin are left to face the severity of their daughter’s situation as she remains in critical condition.

Martin tries to remain positive and suggests various names for her but struggling to cope, Stacey snaps leading Martin to finally crack and storm out.

As Michelle comforts Martin, a supportive Max pays a visit to Stacey and shares some kind words – but will it be enough to get through to her?

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