EastEnders spoiler – Walford exit for Lauren Branning?

It looks like Lauren Branning is going to be leaving Walford in next week’s EastEnders as she ends her romance with Steven Beale.

The week starts with Abi Branning put out when Steven rejects her and reveals what he heard on Friday; Lauren is his focus now.

Meanwhile, with a lot on her mind, Lauren meets with Josh and tells him she can’t stop thinking about what happened on Friday. As the pair chat, Lauren admits she doesn’t love Steven anymore, it’s over between them for good.

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Later, Lauren prepares to tell Steven it’s over between them but with no luck, confides in Max, while Abi pays a visit to Steven and pushes him to choose her over Lauren but he insists he loves Lauren.

After bumping into Josh in the Square, a suspicious Abi checks-in on Lauren and learns of her plans to end things with Steven.

Seeing an opportunity, Abi makes a suggestion and Lauren later tells Max she’s planning to go to New Zealand with Louie.

Steven starts to realise something is going on with Lauren and grows increasingly paranoid at her intentions when he is unable to locate her.

Believing she’s staying at Jack’s, he heads over there but is soon sent on his way leading him to think the worst. Lauren prepares to wave goodbye to Walford but will Steven discover her plan and stop her before it’s too late?

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