EastEnders spoiler – Whitney to call off her wedding?

EastEnder Whitney Dean is going to have an attack of wedding worry next week leaving her impending nuptials at risk.

She is startled by a surprise visit from Moose, an old army friend of Lee Carter’s. Woody, who has witnessed their exchange, is less than impressed to see that Whitney has a fan, especially when he hangs around her all day and the Carters appear to love him.

Woody tells Moose that he and Whitney are getting married but Moose realises that Whitney hasn’t told Woody that her divorce papers have come through and uses this to his advantage when Woody tries to warn him off his fiancée.

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Moose is still at The Vic, hungover from the night before, meanwhile Woody challenges Whitney about keeping Lee filing for divorce quiet. Moose and Woody bicker all day until things reach a head and the pair end up fighting and ruining Woody and Whitney’s plans for a night at the theatre.

Whitney worries that she is rushing into marrying again so soon and tries to broach the subject with Woody – will she call off the wedding?

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