EastEnders spoiler: Who killed Lucy Beale?

EastEnders fans have known for some time that Lucy Beale was going to be murdered in cold blood – and the wait is finally over as next week the Albert Square resident will be discovered dead on Walford Common.
But fans will be left wondering exactly who killed Lucy as clever bosses have decided that her death happens off screen.
In the build up to her gruesome exit, shocking details about her life will be revealed and it soon becomes apparent that all was not as it seemed when it came to Lucy.
For starters, she’s been having an x-rated affair with her best mate’s dad, Max Branning.
But he’s not the only notch on her bedpost as she also enjoys a steamy sex session with newcomer Lee Carter.

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When Max gets an anonymous email blackmailing him over his affair with Lucy, and Lee makes a move on Whitney behind Lucy’s back – could both men have motive for wanting her dead?
Looking a little closer to home, fans will soon notice that Cindy Beale has been keeping a secret for Lucy but doesn’t waste any time revealing it to dad Ian, who is stunned when he makes a shocking discovery.
The secret puts him on a collision course with his daughter and they have a fiery bust-up during which Ian tells Lucy that she is the child he is most proud of, just as her twin Peter overhears from the hallway.
Angry, he bolts out of the house. Upset, Lucy has some harsh words for Ian, before she follows Peter, desperate to it up to him. On her search for her twin a fragile Lucy has a run in with Max, who offers to cheer her up by taking her to a hotel.
As she is about to head into the housewarming party at No 27, Lucy receives an email and heads off alone – never to be seen again.
So far it looks like Max, Lee, Lauren, Peter, Cindy and Ian are all in the frame for her murder, but it remains to be seen as to who killed Lucy Beale…

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