EastEnders “will be good” for Lee Ryan

Hollyoaks star Duncan James says his Blue bandmate Lee Ryan is going to do well when he joins EastEnders.

It was recently revealed that the singer is heading to Walford to play a new bad boy called Woody, and Duncan reckons he’s going to shock fans.

Lee’s known for being a bit of a bad boy himself, a label not helped by his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but Duncan believes his new acting role will help show people what he’s capable of.

Speaking at the TRIC awards last week, Duncan said: “I think EastEnders will be good for Lee. It’s a great opportunity for him. Being in a soap is really hard work. The hours are gruelling and it’s tough.

“I actually don’t think many people realise how tough it is with the working hours and the commitment that comes with it. I think it’s really good for him. It will be good discipline.”

“The last big thing Lee did was Celebrity Big Brother and he was crucified. This is a nice opportunity for him to come out and do something different.

“It’s a chance for him to show he’s a very talented boy. He’s already doing a great job and he’s really enjoying it. He is going to do a fabulous job in EastEnders. I’m very proud of him.”

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