Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod teases future for Priya, Pete and Leyla

The wedding might be off but the drama is far from over in Emmerdale as Pete Barton’s affair with Priya Sharma is yet to be exposed.

And the show’s top boss, Iain MacLeod, says he’s more interested in what the fallout is going to be between best friends Priya and Leyla Harding when the truth comes out.

In tonight’s double episode fans watched as Leyla and Pete failed to tie the knot after both deciding to do a runner from their big day. But as the dust settled, back in the village Leyla confessed that while she wasn’t ready to marry Pete, she is still in love with him.

Meanwhile, over in the honeymoon suite, Pete was getting steamy with Priya – again!

Iain said: “What I think is interesting is the friendship. A lot of people talk about Pete’s cheating on Leyla, but I think the real betrayal is between the two best friends, Priya and Leyla, and a lot of the story moving forward is on that.

“Romantically speaking, I think Pete realises the error of his ways and when lust has worn off, you’re left with the person you’ve got a genuine connection with and I think he’s going to regret his actions.

“It’s not the end of the story, it’s not the end of Pete and Leyla in some form or another.”

Talking about the saucy scenes between Pete and Priya, Fiona Wade added: “It was a long day and I remember it being very hot in that room! It was great!

“Feelings have gone a little bit deeper than when the affair started, but Priya really did want it to work for her best friend. She feels very guilty but there’s obviously this massive chemistry there.

“It’s going to be difficult because she has to be there for her friend in the aftermath of what’s happened.”

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