Emmerdale boss on Rhona’s rape storyline – It’s going to get darker

Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod has admitted that life is going to get even harder for Rhona Kirk following her wedding day sex attack.

The bride is devastated when husband Pierce Harris violently attacks her and then rapes her in their home just hours after tying the knot.

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But the show’s top boss says the storyline is going to continue for some months, telling SoapSquawk: “Pierce is going to continue to get darker and it will play out over the remainder of the year.

“What I like the most about that storyline is the viewers have been ahead of the curve for months to the point they are getting so angry.

“I like the fact we’re delivering on his villainous potential. But the story is not just going to be an out and out soap villain, it takes a more serious turn.

“The story so far has been a realistic exploration of a manipulative and emotionally abusive relationship, so it’ll continue in that vein.

“I’ve just seen some scenes which we’re heart stopping and I held my breath for what felt like six minutes in a row, to the point I nearly had to be resuscitated!”

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