Emmerdale boss rules out romantic future for Robert Sugden and Rebecca White

Their sexual encounters have had Robron fans up in arms but Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod has confirmed there’s no romantic future for Robert Sugden and Rebecca White.

Many fans have turned on Rebecca, blaming her for the tension in Robron’s romance, but Iain places the blame firmly at Robert’s door.

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He said: “Robert and Rebecca are not going to have any romantic future together. I feel sorry for Rebecca and I might be in the minority there, but if you examine what’s gone on in her life and put aside for a moment that we all love Aaron and think about Rebecca’s story.

“She met Robert some years ago, before he’d met Aaron, fell in love with him, he got her pregnant, forced her into an abortion, he dumped her and married her sister, then he tricked her back to Emmerdale and led her into believing there was hope for them when there wasn’t, got her pregnant again, she tried to move on with her life with Ross and just at the point she was doing that Robert rang her up and seduced her again.

“Objectively speaking Robert’s put her through the mill, badly. I totally get that everyone thinks, and I have, ‘Get away from Aaron’, but if that was my friend or sister I wouldn’t be thinking she’s the baddie, Robert is.

“Hopefully she’ll redeem herself in the coming months and they will see she’s been trampled by Robert a little bit. It’s all a bit tragic. Robert might be the love of her life in her mind but she’s got enough dignity to know that’s never going to happen, she’s not going to go chasing after him and he’s not getting back into bed with her.”

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9 responses to “Emmerdale boss rules out romantic future for Robert Sugden and Rebecca White

  1. He better not think fans will ever like Rebecca, so far no one sees her as a victom, not just for the sleeping with Robert but falling for her sister’s husband.

  2. I don’t think anyone expected a romantic future, however, the way Robron fans are attacking Rebecca is delusional. They’re cleary letting shipping take over from common sense: Robert has gotten Rebecca pregnant twice and forced her to get an abortion- how is that her fault? I’m glad Iain is bringing some common sense into the mixture!

    1. It her fault because she a grown assed woman who allowed herself to be used by Robert, Robert told her several times he not interested and loves Aaron and then chooses to sleep with Robert while he wasted and believes he meant that crap when he wasted and just thought he and Aaron broke up lol, she chose to sleep with Robert and get pregnant twice knowing Robert with another like and NO one can FORCE you abort she responsible for her own actions and has control over her own body not Robert… I don’t think Robron fans are that delusional like….when it comes to her….

  3. The tension between robron is at Robert door not Rebecca’s? ffs she needs to take some responsibility she no victim, from moment she arrived tried to steal Robert from Aaron, forced herself into every element of Robert’s life causing Aaron to become so paranoid he got drunk and lashed out and ended up in jail, then minute Aaron is in jail and out the way takes advantage of man who struggling and missing his husband, who then thinks him and Aaron are over he gets drunk when upset over it and see happily takes advantage of this opportunity, also in past he was with her sister it her own fault she got involved with a married man allowed him to use her and get her pregnant and get rid of it NO ONE can force her, she responsible for her own actions too, just cause she SUPPOSELY loves Robert is no excuse….

  4. That’s the biggest crock of sh** I’ve ever heard. Sounds to me like he’s trying to justify Rebecca’s presence in Robert’s life & the only way to do that is try and gain some sympathy for her. She is a grown ass woman and if SHE let’s herself be used, then that’s on her. She is NOT a victim in any way shape or form. She let those things happen to her.
    No woman alive with any decency sleeps with a guy who’s wasted and then expects him to adhere to all the promises he made while drunk!
    Men are stupid all on their own. They don’t need to have a woman thrust in-between them for drama.
    You really don’t know the Emmerdale fans at all if you think that they will find sympathy for a woman who you insisted be a part of the Robron story line. Never gonna happen.

  5. I really hate the whole Rebecca as a victim idea! I’m not saying Rob is blameless but in this current sl, she’s the one who took advantage of a drunk man who belonged to another. She knew that despite what his drunk rant was saying he would never leave Aaron for her so she took complete advantage of the situation in front of her. As for the whole “forcing” her to have an abortion then or now, that really grates on me. Unless he dragged her to the clinic with a gun to her head until the procedure was done, he did NOT FORCE her, it was her decision all the way. He may have manipulated her, influenced her but that’s not the same as forced. That really irritates me, she chose to do it because she thought it would allow her to keep him and that’s not forcing. I trust Iain on a lot of the storylines but not this point, there is no possible outcome that could be written in any way, shape, or form that would make me feel sorry for the selfish, spoiled brat that is called Rebecca White.

  6. What is wrong with you people! Rebecca is the one who makes emmerdale interesting. Robert has treated her badly. Don’t you feel any symphony for her at all! If anything it’s all Roberts fault, not Rebecca’s. all Robert does is thinks about himself and protecting his reputation as well as his marriage. He doesn’t care who he has to hurt to do that! I feel sorry for Aaron as he has done nothing wrong! Why can’t you people see this!

    1. Seriously Rebecca dull with no depth, she allowed Robert to treat her badly and slept with a wasted man fgs, Robert when sober said he not interested and still chases a taken man she blame too no sympathy

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