Emmerdale cat fight! Leyla attacks Priya

Get ready for the fur to fly in tonight’s Emmerdale as Leyla Harding finally finds out about Pete Barton’s affair with her best friend.

Leyla – played by Roxy Shahidi – was set to marry Pete but pulled out at the last minute fearing she wasn’t ready, little realising that he didn’t want to marry her either.

And on their wedding night he ended up back in the arms of Priya Sharma – a secret that’s going to come spilling out tonight sparking a cat fight between the two women.

Fiona Wade, who plays Priya, said: “It’s all very shocking, it happens very fast. At first Leyla thinks it’s all a bit weird so Priya ends up running after her. There’s part of Priya that doesn’t want to lie anymore, so Leyla asks her outright.

“There’s a fight for sure, no fists, more cat fight! Goodness, your best friend finds out you’ve been sleeping with her fiance, she’s going to go crazy.

“When it’s a friendship that’s been betrayed, it’s awful. They’ve been friends for years so that’s the interesting thing, whether they can rebuild this friendship after such betrayal.

“Priya’s a strong women, she’s picked herself up over and over, she’s a mother, she runs the family business so she has something to get up for and carry on.

“Yes this will be hard but she’s strong and I think Priya will do everything she can to mend fences, I don’t think she will rest until she does.”

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