Emmerdale flashbacks will finally reveal Emma Barton’s killer

Emmerdale fans only have a few weeks to wait to finally find out who killed Emma Barton.

There are several names in the frame who all have motive for wanting to push the deranged villager to her death.

As yet bosses haven’t revealed who the killer is. But they have been teasing fans with flashback scenes that piece the evidence together.

Later this month the villagers will gather together for her funeral and a few more flashback scenes will finally deliver the truth – but who is guilty?

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Meanwhile, Adam’s angry Victoria doesn’t seem concerned he might be a suspect in Emma’s murder case and she’s thrown when he attempts to patch things up with Ross and Pete.

He later assures Victoria he’s got rid of Emma’s suicide letter. Before long, Victoria’s worried when she finds Adam making an anonymous call to the police, saying Ross killed Emma.

The police present Ross with a warrant to search the house but will they find what they are looking for?

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