Emmerdale live episode to kill off Emma Barton

Emmerdale bosses are reportedly planning a live episode later this year which will focus on the death of Emma Barton.
It has been previously revealed that Gillian Kearney is leaving her role as the village bunny boiler and now it looks like she’s going to get an explosive exit.
Plans are still being put into place but the explosive episode will see Emma meet her maker after months of mayhem in the village.

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Soap fans will know that she was behind the death of her husband, James Barton, and cruelly tricked Ashley Thomas into covering up her crone.
Detailing the soap’s latest big plans, a source told the Sun: “Emmerdale love an ambitious stunt and this is something they’ve been discussing for some time.
“Last year’s No Return week was a real triumph for the soap and got people talking about it again.
“The last time they tried a live episode was in 2012 and it was a headache to plan and pull off but they managed it.
“They want to go one further this time and hope they will pull in viewers from other soaps.”

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