Emmerdale spoiler – Aaron Dingle jailed for 12 months

Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle is jailed for 12 months next week but will he be a married man when he’s banged up?

Next week sees the much anticipated Robron wedding as Robert Sugden prepares to tie the knot with Aaron.

But seeing as it’s soapland, their nuptials are not going to be plain sailing and fans should expect a number of twists and turns.

The week kicks off with Robert putting his secret wedding plans into action but getting Aaron to the Woolpack where he plans to do it proves rather difficult.

Cain Dingle steps in and has to resort to heavy handed tactics to get Aaron into the right place at the right time.

Meanwhile, the excited villagers are helping to decorate the Woolpack ready for the big event. It’s a happy shock to Aaron when he finds out the plan and soon the stage is set and the couple prepare to marry.

Suddenly, the police storm into the pub mid-ceremony and it looks like the course of true love won’t run smoothly for the couple – will they even get to tie the knot or is this another doomed day?

Later, Aaron’s nearest and dearest are devastated as he starts a 12 month sentence in prison but is he a married man?

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