Emmerdale spoiler – Aaron Dingle’s Christmas kiss

Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle is going to get a nice Christmas present this year in the shape of dishy doctor Alex Mason as their relationship gets serious.

Aaron fears he’s ruined any chance of romance thanks to his body issues, fearing that Alex will be put off from getting intimate with him thanks to the scars on his body.

And on Christmas Day Alex turns up at the Dingle’s house and suggests that they should spend some time apart.

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That gives Aaron the kick up the backside that he needs and realising he’s pushing him away, Aaron urges Alex to stay and give him another chance.

When Alex agrees to celebrate the festive season with him Aaron’s so pleased he seals their deal with a kiss.

Following a stirring speech from Faith Dingle Aaron opens up to Alex about his past, his self-harm shame and how he feels about himself.

Thankfully, Alex shows his caring side and it’s not long before they are getting steamy under the mistletoe.

But, across the village Robert Sugden is having his own Christmas nightmare and how long will it be before Aaron is sucked back into his old life?

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, said: “Aaron knows that he’d have to explain his self-harming past.

“It’s a difficult thing to talk about. He’s ashamed of it, but he’s also justified it in his mind. It was a dark time in his life, but he feels that he’s more mature now.

“He just thinks that Alex will freak and won’t want to see him any more. Aaron doesn’t want to be left alone again.”

Talking about Robron, he added: “For the sake of Aaron’s mental health, I’d like to see him be with somebody who won’t try to change him or complicate his life.

“But I’m also a big fan of Robert and Aaron, so I’m torn between the two.”

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