Emmerdale spoiler – Aaron Dingle’s prison abuse starts

Emmerdale fans are going to get the first glimpse of Aaron Dingle behind bars next week as Robert Sugden pays him a visit.

It’s tough for the pair as they struggle to hide their true emotions – they are keeping their relationship under wraps for fear Aaron might become a target.

But despite their precautions will an intimate moment between them during visiting hours be spotted by one of the prison’s biggest thugs?

Later, when the top dog in prison learns Aaron is Gordon’s son, things get more dangerous for him. But how will Aaron react and will he turn to his family for help?

Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod explained: “We’ve got a really special stand alone type episode which will be a day in the life of Aaron Dingle – convict.

“We thought we’d do something because it’s quite topical as well in that there’s a lot of news issues around prison and prison life and the kind of challenges people face in prison so we just thought it was a really good opportunity to explore some of that using a really well liked group of characters.”

Read the rest of our chat with Iain about Robron here, and for more soap spoilers for Emmerdale click here now.

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