Emmerdale spoiler – Aaron to kill Robert?

It’s all going to kick off in Emmerdale next week when Aaron Dingle threatens to kill Robert Sugden.

The drama unfolds after Liv finds out about the news of Rebecca’s pregnancy and goes round to Home Farm to have it out with both Robert and Rebecca.

She tells Rebecca that Robert hates her, but he denies her accusations and calls her a liar leading Liv to nick his car keys and the bottle of brandy.

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While Robert reassures Rebecca she and the baby are his priority, across the village and angry Liv swigs from the bottle before passing out in a ditch by the side of the road.

When Robert realises his car’s gone he heads out and shortly afterwards finds Liv by the side of the road and is sent into a panic as he realises she’s unconscious.

He gets her to the hospital when he tells the doctors Liv’s had diazepam as well as brandy, the drug he’s been using as part of his revenge plan on Lawrence White.

He calls Aaron who rushes to the hospital and he’s left seething when he finds out what’s been going on and the diazepam was Robert’s doing.

He is so angry with Robert he threatens he will kill him if Liv doesn’t pull through – but will she?

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