Emmerdale spoiler – Aaron’s fight club hell

Aaron Dingle is going to put his life on the line in next week’s Emmerdale as he agrees to a boxing match against his prison rival Jason.

The week begins with Aaron determined to get to the venue to have it out with Jason despite his family and friends discouraging him from doing so.

He heads off to meet him, but Robert Sugden appears with the others and tries to stop the fight going ahead.

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Jason suggests he and Aaron have a legitimate match in the ring and Aaron accepts the challenge. But later, unbeknownst to him, Robert tries to make Jason cancel the fight by buying him off.

Robert also asks Cain to help him stop Aaron fighting Jason but it’s to no avail as Aaron’s determined.

The next day, Aaron discovers Robert tried to pay Jason off and is furious with him and after a pep talk from Zak and Adam, Aaron steps into the ring…

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