Emmerdale spoiler – Adam Barton arrested for murder

It’s all kicking off in Emmerdale next week when Adam Barton is arrested for the murder of Emma Barton.

The week begins with Victoria in shock when Adam reveals he found Emma’s suicide note in his car but refuses to tell the police.

Soon, the police arrive and arrest Adam for Emma’s murder but he continues to deny she was in his car and when he’s released on bail and he decides to figure out who planted the letter.

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Before long, Adam believes it is Ross trying to frame him and Victoria’s alarmed when he storms off to confront him, but Ross looks shocked to learn Emma was attacked before she fell from the viaduct.

Later, Ross relays to Pete his earlier conversation with Adam and his brother grows suspicious of him, wondering when he found out about their mother’s murder.

Ross insists he found out at the same time as Pete but in a flashback scene fans will see Ross not long before Emma died.

Soon, Ross packs a bag and leaves the village, Adam thinks his behaviour is suspicious and he decides to let the police know Ross has gone missing in a bid to take the heat off him… Will the police bring Ross in?

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