Emmerdale spoiler – Ashley Thomas goes missing

The family of Emmerdale’s Ashley Thomas are going to be sent into a panic next week when he goes missing from his care home.

It drama unfolds after some of the men in the village decide to smuggle Ashley out of his home in order to cheer Sandy up for his birthday.

The next day when Laurel Thomas arrives home early she finds Ashley is there celebrating and instantly panics that something must have happened.

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She’s concerned he might be overwhelmed but her fears are quickly allayed when Ashley slips into his cassock and is soon happily sitting with the children.

Later, Jimmy and Bob return Ashley to the care home but not long after, Ashley heads for the exit and still wearing his cassock, he’s mistaken for a vicar and let out.

Ashley soon finds himself disorientated in a deserted street. How will he cope on his own and how will his family react when they realise he’s missing?

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