Emmerdale spoiler – A familiar face returns to the village

Emmerdale is going to see the return of a familiar face next week but it’s soon revealed that this person has fallen on hard times.

As Kerry Wyatt shops for Dan Spencer’s new trainers in town, she spots a familiar face, and is shocked to see that the person is dishevelled and clearly homeless.

Kerry witnesses them trying to con money from a passer-by and is worried for them. When she arrives home her mind is preoccupied with the situation and Bernice encourages Kerry to open up to Dan, but when she does she is shocked by his reaction.

Before long Kerry and Bernice take it upon themselves to go back into town in search of the person but when Dan finds out it leads to an argument over her actions.

Dan finds out a surprising fact about Kerry’s past as she too used to be homeless. Will this help Dan to be more understanding?

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  1. I really wish emmerdale would get things right for a change what on earth is charity doing in the woolpack when you are not allowed to be a license if you have a prison record i know this is nothing to do with the subject but the onlyopertunity i have airing my opinion

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