Emmerdale spoiler – Is Lachlan White dead?

Emmerdale’s Chrissie White will be left fearing her son has committed suicide next week.

The drama starts with Aaron Dingle worried when he learns Lachlan has shown threatening behaviour and heads to the Dingles’.

Belle’s left in a state of disbelief when Aaron relays how Lachlan almost hurt Seb and hired a prostitute, she’s left she’s distraught when Lachlan doesn’t deny it and Robert is glad everyone has seen his true nature.

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Chrissie’s worried when she receives a text from Lachlan claiming he’s never going to return, while in a dark room, he leaves Belle a goodbye voicemail and picks up an electric drill with intent.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s impressed that Robert is stepping up as a father to Seb but he’s caught off guard when Rebecca drop a bombshell, Robert panics as he realises the cat is out of the bag.

He attempts to worm his way out but they are interrupted by a worried Chrissie, who reveals she thinks Lachlan might have killed himself.

Is Robert off the hook for now and could Lachlan be dead?

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