Emmerdale spoiler – Lesbian affair for Charity Dingle and Megan Macey?

Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins has confessed that her alter ego’s disastrous run of luck with men could see her return to women – with Megan Macey a potential love interest!

Charity Dingle famously had a fling with Zoe Tate and it seems her lust for women could resurface in the coming months. And Emma, who plays Charity, says she’s discussed the possibility of a Charity/Megan romance with her co-star Gaynor Faye.


She said: “She’s an open book. She’s quite fickle. So she would do it for her end game or whatever you’d say. We’ve been given some dialogue today where we [Emma and Gaynor] have said, ‘where is this going?’.

“I’m not afraid of it going in that direction. I do believe you can fall in love with a person no matter what their gender. It wouldn’t bother me. She should connect with anyone, male or female.”

Asked who she would like to see Charity with, she added: “It would be so good if it was someone un-Charity. I don’t know who it could be.

“I was thinking, no, it sounds so wrong…he’s 20 years younger. No I’m not saying!

“I’d like someone who she had a connection with but who the audience weren’t expecting. That would be interesting, instead of always going for the man with the money. Maybe someone who didn’t have anything but who she was drawn to. But who she hated herself for being drawn to.”

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