Emmerdale spoiler – Moira abandons her son

Emmerdale’s Moira Barton sparks fear for her mental health next week when she abandons her son at the local hospital.

She starts the week in a foul mood, unwilling to talk about Isaac when Victoria Barton pops round, and quickly makes her feel like she’s getting in the way.

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Later, Moira’s concerned when he won’t stop crying and calls for an emergency doctor appointment. Although the doctor diagnoses colic, she’s not convinced and desperate for help, rushes to the hospital with the baby.

Overwhelmed by the situation, she abandons the baby there and returns to the farm alone. Before long, Faith is stunned to learn of the baby’s whereabouts and aware Moira is struggling, she covers for her on their return to the hospital.

Faith hopes she’s done enough to allay the nurses fears or they could get Social Services involved.

Could Moira be about to lose her baby?

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