Emmerdale spoiler – Moira Barton to become a drug addict?

Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle is going to spark fears she will follow in the footsteps of her daughter Holly and get hooked on drugs.

Later this month Moira and Cain take Isaac to the clinic for a routine check-up but she’s wracked with guilt when the doctor reveals the baby might have a heart problem.

Back in the village, Cain assures Moira it will all be fine and pulls her in for a hug, as a concerned Harriet watches the tender moment.

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Before long, a sleep deprived Moira longs for some respite from crying Isaac and when Cavanagh is unable to prescribe her anything to sleep she later searches for an alternative and comes across Holly’s old phone.

She’s conflicted when she switches it on and sees a message from Simon, the drug dealer. Determined to get some relief, Moira calls him and arranges to meet the next day.

When she meets Simon in a car park, Simon’s suspicious but realises how desperate she is and sells her drugs. At home still struggling, Moira is about to open the stash of pills again when Adam crashes in announcing he’s back as it’s over with him and Victoria as she thinks he killed Emma.

Later, wrung out, Moira is at breaking point at Holly’s grave when she takes out the bag of pills…. Will she take the drugs?

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