Emmerdale spoiler – Mystery woman sends shockwaves through the village

Emmerdale is going to see the arrival of a mystery woman next week and she’s going to send shockwaves through the village.

Bosses are keeping tight-lipped about exactly who this woman is but could the lady in question be linked to Cain Dingle?

The newcomer approaches the Dingle’s and ends up accidentally locked in the barn and is later discovered by Sarah who realises this lady is ill.

Concerned for her welfare, Sarah sneaks food and cough medicines out to her and in return receives a compact mirror as a thank you.

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Later, Sarah is growing closer to the woman in the barn and is still worried about her health so in a bid to help her, she steals some money from the cafe’s collection box.

Sarah comes clean about the lady in the barn when Debbie accuses her of stealing, but when mother and daughter arrive at the Dingles barn, the inhabitant has disappeared.

They soon discover she’s checked into the B&B and after a quick dash upstairs to her room, the lady collapses, forcing the paramedics to be called and the village to wonder what the commotion is about.

It very soon becomes clear who the woman actually is, but why has she turned up in the village?

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