Emmerdale spoiler – New romance for Laurel Thomas?

Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas has a mystery admirer next week – but will she be right about who it is?

On the anniversary of baby Daniel’s death, a distraught Laurel confides in Will about how she’s feeling and is comforted by his show of support.

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Later, Gabby tells her mum she thinks Will’s got his eye on her and when he then visits Laurel with a bottle of wine, she puts two and two together and thinks the Valentine’s Day roses came from him, but will her intuition be right?

Meanwhile, there’s devastation around the corner for her when she goes to see Ashley at the care home.

Laurel takes Ashley for a picnic but quickly realises their relationship is changing as he’s forgetting who she is and she’s feeling pushed out now he’s making new friendships.

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