Emmerdale spoiler – Paddy and Rhona kiss!

Could Emmerdale’s Rhona and Paddy Kirk be reunited? It certainly looks that way next week when the former couple share a kiss.

Soap fans will know that Rhona has been left increasingly uneasy by the behaviour of her boyfriend, Pierce Harris.

Next week she believes he might be having an affair when he tells her he’s going to a conference but later discovers he’s lying.

Later, in the Woolpack she and Paddy drunkenly reminisce about the end of their relationship, but is this really the end for the twosome when they find themselves saying goodnight with a kiss?

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The next day Paddy and Rhona decide to keep the kiss a secret from Pierce but when Chas Dingle gets wind of it she shows a glimmer of jealousy as it looks like she could reveal their secret.

Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona, said: “They decide to have a divorce party, just the two of them in the Woolpack, and get a little bit drunk.

“She’s angry with Pierce and is enjoying her ex husband’s company, at the end of the day they are still good friends, he was her best friend until he did what he did.

“They get very drunk, Paddy helps her home, they have a little bit of a heart to heart on the doorstep and she goes to give him a kiss goodnight and it lingers a little longer!

“I don’t think she’ll ever stop loving Paddy, she never wanted their marriage to end, it was forced upon her because she couldn’t deal with his betrayal.

“They have a deep friendship and a deep love for each other so I think it will always be there.”

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