Emmerdale spoiler – Pete Barton to be jilted?

Emmerdale’s Pete Barton maybe left red-faced at his own wedding next week as Leyla Harding has second thoughts about marrying him.

The day before the wedding the bride and groom have their hen and stag dos.

At the hen party Priya feels guilty when Leyla gives her a gift, Rhona drinks as she struggles with the wedding vibes and Leyla has pre-wedding jitters, despite Emma trying to quash them.

Meanwhile, in the Woolpack, the groom confides in Adam he’s having second thoughts about the wedding.

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As the night draws to a close Leyla and Pete speak on the phone but neither admits their true feelings about having wobbles over the big day.  

As their big day dawns Pete is more determined than ever to admit what’s happened between him and Priya, while the bride confides in Priya she’s worried she’s rushing into marrying Pete.

On edge, she delays her entrance down the aisle by making some adjustments to her hair and make-up leaving Pete unsettled by the delay.

Pete pops out to the toilet and while he’s there makes a decision… Will he go ahead with the wedding and will Leyla?

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Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete, said: “It’s all moved a little bit fast but he’s come to terms with it and he’s willing to go ahead with the wedding because he’s decided he wants to be with Leyla now after the fling.

“He thinks she’s happy to get married up until she doesn’t arrive at the alter, she’s late so he starts to second guess her and get last minute nerves.

“I think if she stands him up there’ll be mixed emotions, I think there’ll be a bit of relief because it’s all moved so fast and he’s not 100% sure.

“But, then there’s the embarrassment and his ego would be dented as well.”

Talking about Adam Barton discovering Pete’s affair, he added: “Adam’s not a detective but he’s suspicious, ultimately Pete’s happy he’s found out and turns to him for advice.

“He’s been through a similar thing in that he lost Victoria through cheating with Vanessa, so he tells Pete that if he does love Leyla to go through with the wedding.”

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