Emmerdale spoiler – Pierce rapes Rhona on their wedding day

Pierce Harris is going to show the full extent of his evil nature in next week’s Emmerdale when he rapes Rhona just hours after becoming husband and wife.

Their wedding day gets off to a rocky start when it looks like Pierce is getting cold feet and might call the ceremony off.

However, he soon pulls himself together so it all goes according to plan and the couple tie the knot in front of their family and friends.

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After the ceremony, while the villagers celebrate in the Woolpack, Pierce takes Rhona home and carries her over the threshold.

But behind closed doors things take a nasty turn when, after an argument, Pierce pushes Rhona to the floor in a violent attack and rapes her.

Rhona is left lying on the floor in a state of complete shock and flinches in terror when Pierce steps past her and is further stunned when he tries to manipulate the truth of what just happened.

Desperate to get away from her new husband, will she succeed and if so, will she go to the police?

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